About me….. well, that’s kind of the point of the blog, isn’t it?  I’m a woman of constant introspection, whether I have fiber in my hands, or pavement under my feet, or computer keys under my fingers.

Basics: single mom of 2 girls, working full time in an office, serving in church facilitating Bible studies.  I try to be someone who encourages through truth.  It’s a balance; it’s a lot easier to just encourage than it is to speak the truth sometimes.

I knit.  A lot.  I sometimes design my own patterns – more for cross stitch or crochet. Sometimes I share my patterns here because I like to give people gifts.

And I write.  I don’t always get the writing out of my head and onto paper or computer screen (which is a shame, because I’ve lost countless deep thoughts). This blog is my place to share what I’m learning through my personal Bible study. I believe it’s important to apply the truths of God’s Word to our own lives, certainly, but I also believe I have a responsibility to pass on what I’ve learned. So now I write, and I will continue to practice writing here. And maybe I can save some of those deep thoughts.

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