2019 Word Of The Year

Over the last year, I've become increasingly uncomfortable with being comfortable. I'm starting 2019 with a desire to do more things that the "old me" would never have considered. Discipline is exactly what I've been missing. My whole life, I've been focused on performance and perfection, instead of purposeful and practiced perseverance. Constant performance is exhausting; it leads me to give in to the old patterns of comfort that give me rest, but never bring about change. Practicing discipline results in progress I would never see from perfect performance.

Monday Musing: Self Discipline As Self Care

I definitely think we need the encouragement to take care of ourselves. For too long, we've defined success as a destination we reach, milestones we hit along the way. But in that headlong rush to reach milestones, we lose parts of who we are as we're going. So I'm in favor of an approach that includes time to slow down and reflect, to truly engage with the people around us, to evaluate where we're going and who we're becoming at the same time.

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