My Weeks In Stitches – A Finish!

Hooray, I finished the Easter sweater!  I'm really happy with it - it fits, it feels so soft, and it got lots of compliments at church LOL. People hugged me and stroked the fabric, then said, "Wow you made that?!?" followed pretty quickly by "You look amazing, by the way!"  It feels nice to have... Continue Reading →

My Weeks In Stitches

Only one project to update this time - the Easter sweater.  I'll end the suspense right away - I didn't finish in time for Easter.  I found one in a really similar color on Amazon, which had a lacy pattern, and was on sale, and available for free Prime shipping.  It arrived the Thursday before... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

Hooray for stitching!  And actually having progress to share!Week before last, I had 3 days off from work, so I spent part of day 1 watching Breakfast at Tiffany's (for the first time - yes, I know, many of you are shocked!) and casting on a pair of socks.  Because for some reason that's what... Continue Reading →

My Weeks In Stitches

The past few weeks have been almost all Christmas gifts.  They are finished and (mostly) delivered now, so I can focus on other things!Great Is Thy Faithfulness is finished! I've started on Doro Theos:The plan when I started this was to stitch Doro Theos twice - once in each of the variegated threads I got to... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

Progress pics!  And kids growing up too fast!Let's start with this year's Seahawks socks (I dubbed them Volume 12, referring to the loud fanbase in Seattle - the cabled side gusset reminded me of the 12 hawk wings on the uniforms).  The original pattern, which the designer called Maeva, can be found here.  Holy Cables,... Continue Reading →

When Silence is a Good Thing

You know that saying, "Silence is golden.  Unless you have a toddler.  Then it's very, very bad."  Or something like that.  Well, I'm definitely not a toddler, so let's say that a long absence from this blog means things are going pretty well!I have mentally started 10 or 12 posts in the last several months,... Continue Reading →

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