My Week In Stitches

Today is an insanely busy day for me, so I don't know if I'll get back to actually stitching before the sun goes down.  But last week I wore leggings and didn't leave my house, so I guess it all balances out somehow.... Stitches!  I've actually been making a lot of those.  My big project... Continue Reading →

Identity Thoughts

Minutes after I published my last post, I put my hand on one of my journals (seriously, I was moving a pile) open to a page that talked about identity.  It was a page I'd written after thinking further on a sermon in February 2017, and our pastor had been teaching on Next Steps.  Pretty... Continue Reading →

A 6 Month-ish Catch Up Post

Or maybe 7.  I've lost track.You know what else I lost track of?  Stitching!  When I rearranged my living room last fall, I positioned my chair and lamp in a way that's totally visually pleasing.  Totally.  Looked amazing (except for the clutter on my table, but we're not going to talk about that).  However.  The... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

So now the problem isn't the stitching, it's remembering to take pictures and then POST! LOLThis past week my little one came down with what we thought was a mild cold - it's turned into a "nasty ear infection" (quote from the medical professional she saw yesterday).  So she has antibiotics, and we're still giving... Continue Reading →

Cooking Ahead

When things got crazy-busy a few months ago, I discovered I was having trouble getting dinner on the table at a reasonable time.  Or, we were having the same easy-to-make things over and over again! So my hubby decided to try to make things a little easier by taking over the meal planning.  A friend... Continue Reading →

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