My Weeks In Stitches

Only one project to update this time - the Easter sweater.  I'll end the suspense right away - I didn't finish in time for Easter.  I found one in a really similar color on Amazon, which had a lacy pattern, and was on sale, and available for free Prime shipping.  It arrived the Thursday before... Continue Reading →

My Weeks In Stitches

The past few weeks have been almost all Christmas gifts.  They are finished and (mostly) delivered now, so I can focus on other things!Great Is Thy Faithfulness is finished! I've started on Doro Theos:The plan when I started this was to stitch Doro Theos twice - once in each of the variegated threads I got to... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches – a Finish!

*twirling, spinning happy dance*I finished Hallie's sweater - before her birthday.  Ecstatic really does not describe how I feel.  I sure hope it fits her, lol.This was made using the instructions for the Custom Fit Raglan.  Yarn is Caron Simply Soft, in Pagoda (the jade color) and White - I used the white striping to... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

A quick update on my WIPs:Hallie's sweater is nearly done!  Hooray!  Her birthday is on the 7th.  I was getting worried about finishing it in time, mostly because I wasn't picking it up and working on it.  I'm on the second sleeve now.  Once this is done I'll be back to knitting legwarmers.  By the... Continue Reading →

Catch Up Post #4 – WIP

Now, finally, we get to current projects!  Thanks for bearing with me over the last week while I showed what I've been up to - there really were things I wanted to share with you, and I'm glad I'm able to do it now.When the 9 year old was picking out yarn for her friend's... Continue Reading →

I Hate Surprises

It's not really that I hate surprises.  I hate when I know there IS a surprise, but I'm not allowed to know any more than that.Tomorrow is my birthday (#34 for me!) and hubby is taking me away somewhere for 2 nights.  All I know is I should bring warm jammies, my own shampoo-type stuff... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

No pictures this week.  It's too dark in my house this evening, and I'm too lazy to turn lights on just for pictures.Monday - I finish-finished my brown socks (you've already seen pictures of them).Tuesday - I put in about 1.5 rows on Fairy Sisters.Thursday-Friday - I finished the "skirt" portion of my blue sweater.... Continue Reading →

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