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My Weeks In Stitches – The Easter Sweater Continues

When you are creating over 9 inches worth of stockinette, it can be hard to gauge your actual progress. The conversation in my head goes like, "This is going to be the  rest of my life, don't measure, you'll just get discouraged, okay now you can measure, holy cow only 1/2 inch left!" Yes, at… Continue reading My Weeks In Stitches – The Easter Sweater Continues

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My Weeks In Stitches

The past few weeks have been almost all Christmas gifts.  They are finished and (mostly) delivered now, so I can focus on other things!Great Is Thy Faithfulness is finished! I've started on Doro Theos:The plan when I started this was to stitch Doro Theos twice - once in each of the variegated threads I got to… Continue reading My Weeks In Stitches

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My Week In Stitches – a Finish!

*twirling, spinning happy dance*I finished Hallie's sweater - before her birthday.  Ecstatic really does not describe how I feel.  I sure hope it fits her, lol.This was made using the instructions for the Custom Fit Raglan.  Yarn is Caron Simply Soft, in Pagoda (the jade color) and White - I used the white striping to… Continue reading My Week In Stitches – a Finish!

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My Week In Stitches

A quick update on my WIPs:Hallie's sweater is nearly done!  Hooray!  Her birthday is on the 7th.  I was getting worried about finishing it in time, mostly because I wasn't picking it up and working on it.  I'm on the second sleeve now.  Once this is done I'll be back to knitting legwarmers.  By the… Continue reading My Week In Stitches

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Catch Up Post #4 – WIP

Now, finally, we get to current projects!  Thanks for bearing with me over the last week while I showed what I've been up to - there really were things I wanted to share with you, and I'm glad I'm able to do it now.When the 9 year old was picking out yarn for her friend's… Continue reading Catch Up Post #4 – WIP

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My Week In Stitches

No pictures this week.  It's too dark in my house this evening, and I'm too lazy to turn lights on just for pictures.Monday - I finish-finished my brown socks (you've already seen pictures of them).Tuesday - I put in about 1.5 rows on Fairy Sisters.Thursday-Friday - I finished the "skirt" portion of my blue sweater.… Continue reading My Week In Stitches