No, not this kind:Nor, sadly, this kind:From 123stitch.comMore like this:(from the movie "Up")Sigh.This is what "squirrel" looks like in my house right now:And it's a secret for a just a little while longer.  All these precious babies, they'd better know how much Auntie Drea loves them!! :)I am very happy to report that Baby Girl... Continue Reading →

I May Be A Little Crazy

I'll leave room for the possibility, anyway.  I'm thinking about learning to spin.  When I was looking at giveaway gifts on Etsy, I came across "learn to spin" kits which included a drop spindle and gorgeous hand-dyed roving to get started.  I managed to talk myself out of it, since it was the color that... Continue Reading →

Just For Fun!

My photographer posted this Color IQ test on her Facebook page yesterday.  I scored 11 (0 is perfect) - how will you do?If you take it, post your answer in the comments!

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