The Maker and The Flaws

God sees all my flaws.  He’s the Maker of my heart, the Designer of my life, who knit me together and laid out my steps.  He’s formed me, molded me, reshaped me throughout my life.  The molding and reshaping is an ongoing process.  I am never not in His hands.

Pi Day Catch Up Post

Happy Pi Day!  At least in the US, with the way we express dates, today is 3.14.  More than that, today is 3.1415.  I know that the next  numbers are 926.  So at 9:26 in every time zone, social media sites are being flooded with pi posts.  And images of people with pies (because of... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

Looks like this...Like I said, my brain was too tired to focus on anything more than i-cord, which is not very interesting to look at. But I did this today:Yarn was 25% off at Joann, so that's actually the inside of my shopping bag on my lap in the car. I think I have stash... Continue Reading →

Mental Fatigue and Stitching

How do you pull yourself out of a stitching slump?  I had several days off of work (11 in a row, although I only took 4 work days).  And coming back to the full-time schedule again has been a hard adjustment!  By the time I fight traffic (in the freezing fog) to and from work,... Continue Reading →

Monday Musing: Creativity vs. Anxiety

I've never really considered these 2 states to be opposites.  But I saw this quote (Facebook? Pinterest? I can't remember any more) and downloaded it, and made it the wallpaper on my work computer:I'm not a subscriber to Deepak Chopra's overall philosophy, but this quote struck a chord for me.  The one thing creativity and... Continue Reading →

I Get To Be The Cool Mom Tonight!

H turns 12 (!!) this weekend.  Instead of doing the now-traditional sleepover with friends and movies and pizza, this year we decided to do a girls' night out - H, her bestie and I will have dinner at their fav hamburger restaurant, then see the newest Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1.  Because 12.  Honestly,... Continue Reading →

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