Reflections (part 2) – Introspection

There were 2 ways to go with this post - angry or introspective.  I've chosen introspection.  Sorry, there aren't any pictures of work, or lighthearted quotes.  This is coming straight from my heart, and I hope that at some point it speaks to and helps someone else.You don't get to choose the lessons you learn.... Continue Reading →

Happy Mail Day To Me!

It's just one piece of mail, but it's been sooooooo long since I had any stitching supplies arrive!  Thanks to 123stitch for nearly instant gratification!There's not a lot here, but I'm excited about it!I put the throw pillow from my bed behind so you can see how nicely the colors work together - this will... Continue Reading →

Reflections (part 1)

This has been a year of a lot of changes for me.  I'm starting the process for myself of looking at then-and-now scenarios - what my life was like a year ago, and what it's like now.  While there have been a handful of difficult events (or bad changes), most of the changes have been... Continue Reading →

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