Gratitude Day 5

Are you doing this?  Last year, I made a point to post on Facebook every day in November something I was thankful for (I may have combined a couple of days, but I actually did pretty well!), and I'm doing it again this year.  Last year it was about using gratitude to stop focusing on... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Last night our church had a Trunk or Treat (candy handed out of car trunks) and chili cook off, so the kids got to wear their costumes early!  Katie chose to be a kitty - kind of from a last minute trip to Walmart.  But Hallie chose to be Betsy Ross - her class does... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches and Merry Christmas!

I'm enjoying my first paid holiday in over 10 years, and I have to say "enjoy" is exactly the right word!  The girls turned on Christmas music this morning while my mom made cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning, and now they're rolling out and cutting sugar cookies.  They're old enough to do this basically unsupervised -... Continue Reading →

Catch Up Post #4 – WIP

Now, finally, we get to current projects!  Thanks for bearing with me over the last week while I showed what I've been up to - there really were things I wanted to share with you, and I'm glad I'm able to do it now.When the 9 year old was picking out yarn for her friend's... Continue Reading →

My First Knitting Finish!

I finished this Monday while K was home sick from school, so she got to try it on right away.  She hasn't yet had a reason to wear it outside, since she's been home with an ear infection all week.  But the bonus was that she was handy for checking the length and photographing. :)She... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

It feels so good to be back to a normal stitching schedule again!!  I'm making serious goal progress, as you'll see:Tuesday, Friday - Fairy Sisters.  6 rows in, out of my month's goal of 10!  14 rows left to the top of the moon-shadow.Wednesday - 15-sided biscornu.  This is about halfway through the 7th motif,... Continue Reading →

New Interest – Knitting!

I resisted the urge to learn to knit for a while.  There were a lot of reasons: I already had enough WIPs without learning a new thing to start, I like the one-handedness of crochet (2 needles seemed like it would be more complicated), I kind of liked being on the "outside" of yarn arts....But... Continue Reading →

Finish Photos – 3 of 3

Finally, here are the photos of K's Easter dress. Also a circle skirt, with crocheted straps.  I measured her shoulders very carefully, and forgot that crocheted cotton stretches!  So I do need to shorten the straps some what.Here's the back - I made it into a racer-back style.And her artistic "in the tree" shot.  Because... Continue Reading →

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