The Word of the Year is….

Strength. For the last few years, I've chosen a word or theme as a filter for my goals.  Last year was about personal growth, and while I had some very specific goals in mind, the way that personal growth ultimately manifested in my life was totally unexpected.  Somewhere around my birthday (which, to be honest,... Continue Reading →

Saturday update

I got into a crochet mood this week. I think because it was so stormy early in the week, it made me want to be cozy with some yarn. :)These are not all meant to go together. I just photographed them together. The first project (which is a finish) is a pink camo cell phone... Continue Reading →

Busy-ness, and a finish

I finished Hallie's puppy picture. I framed it in a simple hoop - the picture is without flash because it looked like the flash faded the colors too much. There's a bead "tag" on his collar and 4 purple satin stitch flowers and 3 red lazy daisies. The grass and sun are satin stitch, too.... Continue Reading →

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