My Week In Stitches

Today is an insanely busy day for me, so I don't know if I'll get back to actually stitching before the sun goes down.  But last week I wore leggings and didn't leave my house, so I guess it all balances out somehow.... Stitches!  I've actually been making a lot of those.  My big project... Continue Reading →

One Secret Is Out!

I can finally talk about all the surprises I had planned for my dear friend, April, and her new baby girl!  April and I have been friends since high school youth group.  Now that we seem to be in the 2nd or 3rd wave of friends having babies, I kind of wanted to go all... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Day 5

Are you doing this?  Last year, I made a point to post on Facebook every day in November something I was thankful for (I may have combined a couple of days, but I actually did pretty well!), and I'm doing it again this year.  Last year it was about using gratitude to stop focusing on... Continue Reading →


No, not this kind:Nor, sadly, this kind:From 123stitch.comMore like this:(from the movie "Up")Sigh.This is what "squirrel" looks like in my house right now:And it's a secret for a just a little while longer.  All these precious babies, they'd better know how much Auntie Drea loves them!! :)I am very happy to report that Baby Girl... Continue Reading →

My Week In Stitches

Well this was a distracted week!  First I had a long weekend for the holiday, then I was sick on Thursday.  I started a Bible study on Wednesday, and somewhere in there I even managed to do some stitching!  No work on Fairy Sisters this week - my contacts are at the very END of... Continue Reading →

In Search Of…..

I need a little input from some of my fiber friends.  So you know one of my friends is expecting a baby girl in a couple of months, and I am having so much fun making super cuteness for her.  In fact, the cuteness is so super that it may actually kill me to not... Continue Reading →

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