Monday Musing: This Introvert Needs A Break

And I’m guessing maybe you do, too.

It’s been awfully cold and dark in cyberspace. But not silent. Just cold, dark and oppressive. I find myself in need of some simple pleasures to pull my brain out of the deep, angry pit I managed to jump into.

Confession – the last 2 weeks I have failed at following my own advice for introvert self care. I’ve been overscheduled and overextended. I’ve attempted to take small amounts of time for myself, but I haven’t gone for a walk, and I’ve allowed my circumstances to dictate my feelings and my feelings to dictate my actions.

On top of that, I’ve allowed myself to get emotionally drained by current events. My eyes hurt from rolling. I feel like I have nothing new to say, and that isn’t a fun place to be. I’ve been going to Scripture looking for answers or inspiration, but I find myself sucked back into looking at feeds and resisting the urge to hide or mute some of my very dearest friends.

I’m tired. I need a break.

I am currently attending one Bible study on Daniel, and teaching another (Seamless, which is an overview of the entire Bible in 7 weeks). Nothing like adding 2 sets of Bible study homework into the schedule – one about interpreting prophecy and the other looking at the whole Bible. To be clear, I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying them both and I definitely knew what I was signing up for. I had to make some tough choices about my schedule to make it work, but I’m already seeing God move and teach in just the first couple of sessions for each class.

I’m inspired by both studies. I could probably find things to write about from either. And some day I might. But this past week I wanted to read Scripture for what it is, and not for what I could write about. I wanted to enjoy the participation in the studies, and allow my quiet time to be just my time with God. So, this week, I’m musing about taking a break.

Instead of trying to come up with something profound to add to the current conversations in social media, I’m taking this week to enjoy time in the presence of my Savior. We did a little redecorating this weekend in the house (which frequently helps rearrange some of the creative energy). I bought myself an adorable bouquet of flowers. And I’ve been knitting again, now that the weather is getting cooler.

So this week I will not be forcing Scripture to fit into my plans for what I could write. Instead, I invite you to enjoy some pictures of the simple things from my life. And if you’re so inclined, I would love to hear about some of the things you all are doing to take care of yourselves and loved ones, to brighten your own corner of the world!

A new-to-us loveseat with ottoman to replace my comfy chaise that started to fall apart.
Sometimes you just have to buy your own flowers.
A little scarf blending entrelac and simple lace. Pretty, but slow to complete.
Finally, my football knitting – a pair of socks with a ridiculously easy pattern. The yarn is CoBaSi, a blend of cotton, bamboo and silk. It makes for a happy Seahawks fan!

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