Monday Musings – Confidently Approaching the Throne of Grace

Today I’m thinking about something I was meditating on yesterday – the simplicity and the audacity of worship.

Yesterday during prayer before service started, our team talked about the purpose behind worship. Our leader said, “It’s all about God, nothing about us.” Which I’ve heard before (and agree with 100%). But in thinking about what it looks like for worship to be all about God, it occurred to me that worship is, at it’s simplest, walking right up to the King of the universe just to tell Him that I love Him.

That’s an audacious thought.

It’s an awesome privilege.

And sometimes we (I) make it too difficult.

Let me explain what I mean. Normally, to approach a person in a leadership position, you need a reason. A good or important reason. There needs to be some urgency and some weight, and a request that only this person can grant, and you don’t always have confidence that your request will be granted at all. It helps to have some kind of connection or relationship to this person – that will at least get you the meeting. And knowing the person and his/her character can increase your confidence in receiving your request. But unless you have a long-standing relationship (by blood or mutual choice), it’s not likely that you or I will ever drop in on a world leader or major CEO just to say how much you admire him or her, to ask about future plans, to share your concerns, or to say, “I love you.” I mean, really, I have a list of potential big-name examples in my head, and the idea of saying these things to any of these people is absurd.

But God Himself invites us to do just that – to come to Him to tell Him we admire Him, to ask His plans and ask Him how we can be part of them, to share our concerns, to tell Him we love Him. In essence, this is worship. And it’s all about Him.

The part that is awe-inspiring for me is that we are not limited to the “big requests” when we come to God. I think sometimes we try not to bother Him, treating Him the same way we would treat fill-in-CEO’s-name-here. And we save our “time with God” for the big requests. But I really think this approach takes a narrow view of God, and reduces our relationship with Him to one of supply and demand. “God, You supply the answers, and I’ll demand more when I’m in need again.”

What if the thing God longs to hear from us most is “I’m really excited about this thing You’re doing…how can I be part of it?” (If Keith is reading this, here’s my plastic fork prayer.)

Last week our sermon lesson included this passage from Hebrews 4, and I’ve been thinking about what it means to come boldly, or with confidence, before the throne of grace. In the past I’ve understood “confidence” to be referring to our attitude of faith. And I don’t think that’s wrong. But I think we limit ourselves in saving our faith for the really big things. We’re to come boldly in everything – in confession and repentance, asking forgiveness, asking for healing and provision and even in worship – believing that He hears us, that He will forgive, that He is able to heal and provide, and that He longs for us to WANT to be in His presence.

He longs for us to WANT to be in His presence.



Audaciously saying, “Lord show me who You are. Make me more like you.”

Hebrews 4-16

What do you think about this idea about approaching with confidence? Is it easier for you to present the big requests, or to confidently worship?

By the way, the song service (“worship time”) totally rocked in both services. And it had very little to do with anything we did as a band – it was all about God.



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