My Week In Stitches

Today is an insanely busy day for me, so I don’t know if I’ll get back to actually stitching before the sun goes down.  But last week I wore leggings and didn’t leave my house, so I guess it all balances out somehow….

Stitches!  I’ve actually been making a lot of those.  My big project right now is a corner-to-corner blanket using the Lion Brand Mandala cake.  If you’re looking to pick up some of this gorgeousness, I wish you luck.  As far as I know they are completely sold out.  Which is sad.  Hopefully they get those back in stock soon!  This “Gnome” rainbow colorway makes me super happy!  Also on my list?  “Genie” which is gray and turquoise (of course).  This project currently has my brain going 2 directions at once.

Thought Direction 1: I’m disappointed that the largest commercially available, affordable “cake” is still not large enough to make a baby blanket.  At least, not in this corner-to-corner style.  I haven’t tried straight rows.  It was really difficult to tell where the halfway point is, and because of the specifics of the colorway (and my inability to get any more, anyway) I definitely wanted to finish with the same cake.  I guessed wrong twice on where to make my final increases and start my decreases (or “turn the corners”) and had to pull stitches out.  It is currently 24 inches high by 24 inches wide – I was originally hoping to make something 36×36 or 48×48 so it could be a real baby blanket.

Thought Direction 2: Why don’t I try my hand at dyeing my own yarn?  Since I primarily work with acrylic, I’m looking into methods of dyeing the larger “pound” sized skeins and winding into my own cake.  Stay tuned, because I really hope this works out for me.  The “pound” sized skeins are nearly double the length of the Mandala cakes, which means that it would be possible to make a corner-to-corner blanket the proper size with one cake!

Oh, and by the way, I’m finding this corner-to-corner patter to be very easy!  I’m even teaching it to K, who is planning to make wash cloths out of kitchen cotton.  If you want to try your own C2C project, there are some instructions here – note this is a slightly different pattern than the one I’m using, but it is similar enough.  (I thought I bookmarked the page where I saw the written pattern I used, but I can’t find it!)

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