My Online Identity Crisis

Or… How I Convinced Myself I Could Only Be Interested In One Thing At A Time

“Online Identity Crisis” is a better title, I think.

Hi there!  This post has actually been simmering in my brain since I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, but life and stuff and everything… for more than a year…..

Anyway, when I first started blogging I never expected to have a genuine audience.  I was part of a stitching exchange and the world was beginning to abandon message board systems (remember those!?!) that were becoming overrun with spam.  So the leader of our exchange encouraged us all to set up blogs so we could easily share pictures and comment on them, but manage all our own content.  Because my blog started as cross stitch, and that was my then-current obsession, I wrote primarily about my project for the exchange.  I also wrote Hardanger tutorials (which you can find starting here).  I found a community of stitchy people who actually love looking at progress pictures and encouraging each other towards finishing.

My crafty interests evolved to include crochet and knitting, and my audience grew.  And then I kind of threw a curve ball at people, when I started a health and fitness journey and suddenly started blogging recipes.  A HUGE no-no in blogging – you’re supposed to have a focus so you don’t confuse your audience.

But here’s the thing – I had so many other things I wanted to write about that I already felt like I couldn’t, because I was locked into this craft blog.  It made me kind of frustrated, because as a person, I am more than one thing.  One more time: I AM MORE THAN ONE THING.  And so are you.  I’ve noticed that we unconsciously box ourselves in as we share online.  I think it’s time to break that cycle.  I know that my friends are so much more than the one or two passions they post about the most.

So as I reboot my blogging under my real name, my new focus is on expressing all the facets of who I am.  If you all find and read and like, awesome.  I’d love to hear your constructive thoughts.  I hope we’re able to create a new community that celebrates all the different pieces and experiences and interests and trials and triumphs that make us unique.  I will still share pictures of WIPS (works in progress, for the newbies or uninitiated), finishes, projects I want to do, projects I wish I had time to do.  I will still (more, maybe) talk about my kids – a lot has changed in my parenting life since I first started blogging.  And while I’ve never considered myself a “mommy blogger” I think I do have some value and insight to share now that I’m a mom of a teen and a tween.  And I’ll talk more about my faith, which is something I hesitated to write about for a long time.  But it’s a central part of who I am.  The fact is, the only reason I have the courage to declare who I am is because of the God I serve, and the work He’s done in my life.  It’s been in my study of the Bible over the last few years that I’ve come to know who I’m meant to be.  So I’ll definitely be sharing from my own personal studies and journals!

Identity crisis – over.  Time to just be me.


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