My Weeks In Stitches – A Finish!

Hooray, I finished the Easter sweater!  I’m really happy with it – it fits, it feels so soft, and it got lots of compliments at church LOL. People hugged me and stroked the fabric, then said, “Wow you made that?!?” followed pretty quickly by “You look amazing, by the way!”  It feels nice to have people notice my efforts!

So, sorry for the bathroom mirror selfie (laundry room, no less), but the kids were occupied when I wanted to take the pictures:

Finished twist-wrap sweater
Completed cardigan with a long front drape.

This is a little better look at the fabric and the front drape.  It can also be twisted and worn around the neck like a scarf with sleeves.  The sleeves fit perfectly, too.  I didn’t have a single moment of tugging the shoulders forward.  This is awesome, because it’s my first time doing sleeves this way – I’ve always done raglan, but these were set in.

I also did a little bit of cross stitching.  I pulled out Dorotheos (My Big Toe Designs).  This is the last progress picture I found in my gallery, so I’m pretty certain it’s the last one I shared:

Work in progress of Dorotheos by My Big Toe Designs

At some point I finished the brown border of this motif, this is what I accomplished Thursday night:

Continued progress on Dorotheos by My Big Toe Designs

I’m out of the practice of taking pictures when I stop for the day.  But I did finish the blue flowers in this motif, and start the border of the next.  I’ll have more to show next week!

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