FitMomCreates – A New Adventure For Me

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to announce that I’ve become an independent Team Beachbody coach! I told you about a month and a half ago that I’ve been working out and following a clean eating plan. Through participating in a challenge group, losing about 25 pounds in 4 months (to make 30 pounds in a year!), and awesome conversations with my coach, it just really makes sense for me to take this step right now. I know so many women who feel stuck with their health and habits, and I can help them find a way to improve that!  Especially those of us with, umm, sedentary hobbies.

As part of taking that step, I’m consciously “re-branding” myself.  drea_dear is an online persona that I’ve used for years and years, but it doesn’t necessarily communicate what I want to be about.  So you’ll notice that the blog title has changed to FitMomCreates (the url is still the same though!)  I’ve also started a Facebook page called FitMomCreates, which really captures the things that are important to me, and lets you know what you can expect.  If you’re on Facebook, I’d love to have you pop by and like my page (make sure you also check the box to Get Notifications and Add to Interests), and we can talk about crafty things and time management and stash hoarding and whatever else strikes my fancy!

Here’s my promise to you – you come to this blog for stitching updates and project inspiration. I know that. I’m not going to change the format of my blog in any way, because honestly, fiber is still really important to me. I need my creative outlet now just as much as before. The only difference is that I have more energy for the things I love now! Oh, and when I make things  for myself,  I’m making them in smaller sizes.  I’ve always wanted to add more “clean eating” recipes to the blog, especially since discovering my lactose intolerance 3 years ago. So you will see more recipes and recipe reboots, and the occasional health focus post. But even with the re-branding and title change, I’m not going through a personality change, I promise! Still Drea, who loves shades of blue (especially teal and aqua right now), the sensation of thread or yarn between her fingers, and the excitement of starting something new.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Beachbody before, and you have no idea what I’m talking about? Here are my results after 3 rounds of a program called 21 Day Fix:

Real results from following the 21 Day Fix program

An easy-to-follow eating plan and beginner-friendly workouts combined with the accountability of a challenge group makes it easy to achieve results.  My results (so far!) are from February 9 through April 26 – about 2.5 months.  I’ve gone from wearing size 16 (tight! almost to 18!), XL and 1X to size L or 12/14.

Update: I am no longer a coach with Beachbody. But I’m still happy to answer questions about the 21 Day Fix, or point you in the direction of a coach if you need some additional motivation!  And you can still join me on my Facebook page for inspiration and support!

Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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