My Weeks In Stitches

Only one project to update this time – the Easter sweater.  I’ll end the suspense right away – I didn’t finish in time for Easter.  I found one in a really similar color on Amazon, which had a lacy pattern, and was on sale, and available for free Prime shipping.  It arrived the Thursday before Easter!  Shoulders properly covered – and I still plan to finish this sweater because:

Twist Pullover, the cover project from Knit.Wear Spring 2012
Look how cute!  And unique!  The long section in the front can be twisted around the neck like a scarf, too.
I had a hard time finding a pattern, until I had an e-mail from Interweave Press about magazines available for $1 – I ordered Spring and Fall 2012 of Knit.Wear (which both have beautiful patterns, and I’m really excited).  The downside was it took 10 days for the magazines to arrive.  So that left me with only 10 days before Easter.  I gave it a good go.  In 2 nights I got this far:
We had a brief power outage at work one day, and I thought maybe they would send us home, and I would get sooooo much done… and then the power came back on after about 30 minutes.  Oh well.  But that same night we had a craft night at church, so I managed to get about 4 hours of work in there:

It seemed like I got so much more accomplished that night than shows in this picture!  But at this point I’d finished the ribbing and started on the stockinette.  I worked really hard the whole next week, and managed to finish the seamless lower portion, then shape the back of the armholes and work the back up to the shoulder seam.  By the night before Easter, I’d attached a second ball of yarn and started shaping the front armholes.  But I was so happy for that back-up sweater!  It took all the stress off me, so hopefully I’ll still love this one when it’s done!  Here’s the progress as of now – I’m working on the front drape:

Stay tuned, I will keep working on it and updating as I go!

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