My Week In Stitches

Hooray for stitching!  And actually having progress to share!

Week before last, I had 3 days off from work, so I spent part of day 1 watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s (for the first time – yes, I know, many of you are shocked!) and casting on a pair of socks.  Because for some reason that’s what I do when the weather gets warmer.

I’ve had this yarn on my desk at work for a while – I always meant to do something with it during my breaks.  But I’m not the best at taking my breaks, so the yarn just kind of sat in a mug as a decoration.  I decided it was finally time to use it, and brought it home for my very long weekend.

It makes big wide stripes!  They make me really happy – I’ve had so many self-striping yarns lately that made skinny stripes, that sometimes barely made it around my foot before changing colors…

You can find the pattern here, it’s called Anastasia, and I really like it.  It has an intuitive pattern, so it’s easy to work on while you’re watching a movie.  However.  When I got to the heel, it was too tight again (just like with the cursed socks from last fall).  I think the issue is the short row heel.  I suppose I might not be making the foot section long enough, but it seems that I have a “tall” heel, which means I need some give in order to get the foot past the ankle portion.

So I pulled it out, and cast-on again.  I’m working my way back up the foot, and this time I’m going to do the heel the way I did the Uzu socks – with a gusset.  I really like the idea of the short row heel, and maybe one day I’ll be able to make it work for me.  But I also want to like these socks, so I’m modifying!

I’ll have to put the socks down, though, and get to work on the sweater I want to make to go with my Easter dress.  Must have a sweater, since it’s a sleeveless dress and I’m helping to lead worship Easter Sunday!  Less than 2 weeks left – I’m still waiting for an older issue of a magazine to arrive that has a bunch of cardigan and shrug patterns before I can begin.

After Easter (read: after I finish this sweater) I want to get back to working on Doro Theos.  Then maybe Fairy Sisters will wake up a bit.  You never know with me!

We have one more post for National Crochet Month, and I’m really excited to share it with you – a guest post from my friend Michelle.  I think you will all really like the story she has to tell.

And I figured out how to make a signature!  There’s actually a simple tutorial for CSS here – I hate doing anything with CSS, but if I can do it, then so can you (if you want to!)!

Have a great week!

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