My Weeks In Stitches

The past few weeks have been almost all Christmas gifts.  They are finished and (mostly) delivered now, so I can focus on other things!

Great Is Thy Faithfulness is finished!

 I’ve started on Doro Theos:

The plan when I started this was to stitch Doro Theos twice – once in each of the variegated threads I got to use in Great Is Thy Faithfulness.  These colors go nicely with the color scheme in my bedroom, and I want to hang them in the chair-corner where I do my Bible reading and blogging.  However.  The chocolate variegated thread is very subtle.  And the blue-tan thread blends too well into the fabric (you can see what I mean in the “finish” pic of Great Is Thy Faithfulness).  So I think I’ve decided to do mixed color schemes instead of mono.  I’m also thinking about stitching each motif and framing separately (maybe in hoops not frames), so there would be 6 circles around Great Is Thy Faithfulness – here’s a pic of the intended design as charted:

What would you do?  6 separate motifs, or 2 vertical sets?  I need help deciding before I finish this motif – I need to know where to start the next one!

Finally, a peek at the hibernating sweater.  The designer calls it “$5 In Paris”, but I call it Parisian Berries & Cream.  I really like these colors, and I’m glad I did the charcoal stripe in between the main colors:

This seemed like a very short holiday season to me, anyone else?  It seemed like I only really had 2 weekends to get everything done, and that meant everything!  I’m glad to be done with all the busy-ness, although there was a lot of enjoyment in the busyness.  For one thing, K played Mary in the church Christmas program (I think she did an amazing job).  And I had a great time hanging out with my coworkers at our annual holiday party.

Maybe the shortness of time was because I didn’t do as many handmade gifts?  Since I didn’t start working on secret projects in September, I experienced the season more like “normal” people who buy things pre-made in stores?

Have a great week everyone!

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