My Week In Stitches

Progress pics!  And kids growing up too fast!

Let’s start with this year’s Seahawks socks (I dubbed them Volume 12, referring to the loud fanbase in Seattle – the cabled side gusset reminded me of the 12 hawk wings on the uniforms).  The original pattern, which the designer called Maeva, can be found here.  Holy Cables, Batman.  Lots and lots of little cables, and the pattern didn’t seem very intuitive until I got to the leg portion.  And the cuff was very difficult.  And then I bound off and fastened off without trying on – and couldn’t get the cuff past my heel.  Here I am binding it off, so excited, going to wear it…

And here’s the sock after I discovered I couldn’t wear it:

I gave up on this pattern.  I may try again another time, because the side gusset was really cool.  But I would 1) try on as I go (which is the point of toe-up socks anyway), 2) do a different cuff, and 3) take the time to do a stretchier bind-off.  And maybe do a solid color.  Yes, I did try to salvage the sock itself, but I swear the ribbing was difficult to figure out, and I’m not very good at picking up stitches unless it’s a stockinette row.  Also, I would have had the same agony of trying to make the 2nd one, and I would have bad feelings every time I looked at them.

So now I have another one started.  But all I have is the toe, and I’m not happy with it.  I may give up (again) and finger-knit a scarf or something.


(See this post for a full report on the winter accessory set I made for the girls).  I remade H’s hat, properly measuring her head, ears, everything this time.  And it fits!  And she loves it!

Cross stitch:



Yes!  Really!  I did a little work on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Friday night while H was at her first school dance.


Yes!  Really!  She turns 12 and goes to a school dance.  With her friends, because they’re 12.  The theme was “Hunger Games”, and I think the dress we found went with the theme pretty well:

Sorry for the dark picture, I barely got home from work before she had to leave, so I didn’t even have time to turn on another lamp.  She had a fantastic time, and made some great memories!

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