Tuesday Pinterest Fun – Maybe I’ll Make This For Next Year

Our office doesn’t have any restrictions on holiday decorations in cubicles.  One friend had a Santa chair cover.  My cubicle neighbor has a snowman display complete with ladder and flashing lights. Someone else still has her fall leaves spread out.  What do I have?  A jar of red and green star mints (popular! I need more!) and a card I received last year that features one of my favorite lines from Elf: “I just like smiling, smiling’s my favorite.”  I need more cheer for my desk!!
(The snowmen with which I’m competing that need accessories)
Enter this pin (link takes you to original blog instructions).  A cute knitted tree ornament.  But, you know me, that’s too simple.  I need to make lots of them!  And a swagged garland to drape across the shared front of the cubicles!
Obviously this won’t happen for this year.  I’m realistic enough by now to know that May or June is a reasonable goal.  My plan (as of now) is to use leftover sock yarn from my Seahawks sock projects and my Entrelac fingerless gloves to make trees, then crochet a garland upon which to hang them.  Because people are questioning my holiday spirit!  (Even though neighbor is letting me call it “our” display! Haha!)

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