One Secret Is Out!

I can finally talk about all the surprises I had planned for my dear friend, April, and her new baby girl!  April and I have been friends since high school youth group.  Now that we seem to be in the 2nd or 3rd wave of friends having babies, I kind of wanted to go all out making this special for her!

So first, before the baby was born, came the poncho and booties.  They were so fun to make, and turned out so cute!  April called to tell me she received them and she loved them.

The next surprise was a surprise-within-a-surprise.  I showed you the jumbled yarn for a project I was working on for her shower.  This is what it turned into:

A series of “blocks” – knit and crochet.  Here I was playing with layout before assembling them with white yarn.  It is so hard for me to be random, y’all.  I made a total of 20 blocks: 4 each of yellow and light blue, and 2 each of the other 6 colors.  (Dark purple is single crochet, light purple is knit “linen” stitch, light pink is garter stitch, dark pink is basketweave knit, dark blue is “puff” or “bubble” crochet, and green is cable knit.)

And here’s the real surprise:

The blanket in the background is clearly not the point of this picture. The real surprise was that I flew in to be there for her shower!  It was so hard to keep this a secret for about 7 or 8 weeks!  But it was worth it!  I got plenty of baby snuggles (and hugs from my friend).  They’re so sweet, and of course she loved the blanket.

Now to finish the gift for the second baby-to-be in my circle, then back to normal!

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