My Week In Stitches and A Mini Rant

I’m way late posting this week’s update.  Saturday was a weird day, that’s all I can say.  No, really, it’s been a weird week.  But it meant a large block of stitching time on Wednesday, and no blogging mojo this weekend.

My kids’ school called me during lunch on Tuesday to say my younger one had a fever.  I was able to go pick her up, and a fever in the middle of the day means she won’t be clear to go back the next day (she has to be fever-free for 24 hours) so that meant I stayed home with her on Wednesday and worked on Great Is Thy Faithfulness:

(which just happens to be my Theme-a-licious project for September – the theme is Samplers.  And this has words.  From a hymn.  And will have Quaker-ish motifs in the half-circle border.  And in the small sampler section of MBTD’s website.  There – all of that = sampler.)  This is turning out to be a very quick stitch, which makes me happy.  I need a quick stitch!

And look at all of this obvious progress on Fairy Sisters – it was the Facebook SAL weekend again, so I devoted some chunks of time to stitching the sky.

I also made some significant progress on the baby gift for T & S on Sunday afternoon.  As in, I’m really happy with how it’s turning out and I wish I could show you a picture….

And now for my mini rant.  I enjoy streamlining things, which includes using my Android phone to take picturess of my projects and having those pictures automatically backup to my Google account.  Then I can go in when I’m writing a blog post and edit the photos online, including adding text, before publishing them.  The native photo editor on my phone won’t allow me to add text, either.  (Which is strange because my old one would…..)  Well, Google made some changes to their online photo editor, and it looks like the option to add text is gone!  Now I have to either use a “real” camera and load pictures on my computer that way, or I have to open my Picasa photo editor, download/sync the online albums, make the edits, and re-sync them so I can add photos to my post.  I can still do it, but it’s extra steps.  And I hate extra steps.  And the text I added looks tiny.  I really wish they would change it back.  I understand that it’s free and open-source, but it seems the changes they’ve made only serve to make photos look more “vintage.”  I don’t want my photos to look more vintage.  If I want photos I take with my phone to look vintage, I’ll put them on Instagram.  (By the way, you can follow me on Instagram if you want – sometimes I share sneak peaks of projects that I don’t put on the blog.)

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