My Week In Stitches

Well this was a distracted week!  First I had a long weekend for the holiday, then I was sick on Thursday.  I started a Bible study on Wednesday, and somewhere in there I even managed to do some stitching!  No work on Fairy Sisters this week – my contacts are at the very END of their lives, so I didn’t put myself through the torture of trying to stitch when I couldn’t see.  Instead………

I finished Irish Blessing!  And I forgot my cardinal rule with this fabric, always photograph under harsh electric light.  Hopefully Jo will be able to get a better shot of it when she receives it!  It’s on its way to England!  I will restitch this at some point for myself – I would absolutely love to have some of my work hanging in my house.  And I may rechart the pattern I shared so that it incorporates what I did here.  I’m really happy with the changes I made.  The “braid” in the middle is the blue, pink and yellow together, so it makes a rainbow thread.  It looks really pretty.

Oooh!  I found one I took and put on Instagram after I finished – you can see some of the detail better – it was cut off at the top, so I’ve cropped it even more to show the braid and the Rhodes stitches:

And here’s a sneak peak of the new baby gift – just  a look at the yarn.  This is DK yarn from Kraemer Yarns, Tatamy Tweed.  The color name is Oatmeal. and it’s so soft!  I love this pattern, I’m making great progress on it.

Okay!  Off to the post office and the eye doctor!  Have a great weekend!

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