I May Be A Little Crazy

I’ll leave room for the possibility, anyway.  I’m thinking about learning to spin.  When I was looking at giveaway gifts on Etsy, I came across “learn to spin” kits which included a drop spindle and gorgeous hand-dyed roving to get started.  I managed to talk myself out of it, since it was the color that caught my eye, and the seller was in the UK – I’m sure the shipping charges were very reasonable for an ocean voyage, but not when this was a whim and I have no idea if I’ll even like it.

The owner of my LYS mentioned to me a couple of years ago that she thought I might enjoy spinning (based on a conversation we were having about yarn texture), and I keep coming back to the thought.  What holds me back is the fact that I have NO TIME right now between work, the kids and house, and my other projects to learn a new medium that will probably engross me.  But then again there would be the lusciousness of fiber through my fingers, and….oh wait, I already wrote about that!

Do any of you spin your own yarn?  Or have you tried it and walked away?  Let me know your experience, please!

One thought on “I May Be A Little Crazy

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  1. I have tried drop spinning and I quite enjoy it. I found it sort of difficult to get started and I still can't draft the fibres and spin at the same time. I found a video on you tube where the spinner pre drafted her fibres and then just spun them so I did that and it worked quite well. I have a bag of various pieces of unspun fibre for practising, if you can get your drop spindle I can send you on a few pieces to try. I have seen some people make a spindle from a cd, stick and hook but I don't think the weight would be quite right.


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