In Search Of…..

I need a little input from some of my fiber friends.  So you know one of my friends is expecting a baby girl in a couple of months, and I am having so much fun making super cuteness for her.  In fact, the cuteness is so super that it may actually kill me to not share it.  But I can’t, because I want my friend to be surprised when she opens the package from me.  No, actually I want to be there when she opens my gift, but that’s not likely to happen. (Digression, sorry.)

So, another dear friend is expecting (well, his wife is) before the end of the year.  This time it’s a baby boy.  The problem is – I had 2 girls.  My best friend has girls.  Previously, this particular friend had 2 girls (and an ungrateful ex-wife who looked down on handmade gifts, probably because she was only capable of cutting paper and sticking it next to pictures.  Oops, another digression!)

So tell me, what is your go-to baby gift?  I’m resisting the idea of a blankie, but that may be the easiest solution.  I can make booties.  I have the fishy sleep sack in my gift stash, but I’d like to give more than one item, especially since baby-girl-to-be is getting a newborn size ensemble and 2 more things for when she’s around 12 months old.  I know, I can search Ravelry, but it’s overwhelming, and I keep getting stuck on the girly ideas!!  Thanks for your help!

Oh, and if you haven’t entered my Blogoversary Giveaway yet, go now and get your entry in!  I’ll draw the winner on September 3!

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  1. Does the Dad have a favourite hobby? How about a miniature version of something connected with the hobby?
    eg my hubby is a sound engineer so my sister bought baby a tiny black tshirt printed with the word “Crew” on it!! When he was a sturdy toddler she bought him one with “Security” on it, that got alot of admiring looks when he was out and about with daddy!!


  2. Jo, interesting that you mention that. The dad is a preacher – I found a pattern for a bib that looks like a shirt and tie.

    Cole – I was thinking jacket. I found a pea coat pattern (crochet) that I think is adorable and comes close to what I had in my head.


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