My Week In Stitches

Thank you for all the nice comments on my posts last week.  You’re all so supportive, I love the crafty blogosphere!

It’s strange to think that at this time last year I was in Las Vegas with my friends, knitting poolside during the day and going out and having fun at night.

Most of what I worked on this past week was the baby gift for my friend, so there are no pictures on this.  But there’s a little bit on Fairy Sisters and Irish Blessing!

Irish Blessing – I pulled this out and worked on it Tuesday night during the All-Star Game, while tweeting (I also worked on it some on Wednesday).  So if you follow me on Twitter, yes I was really stitching and tweeting at the same time.  Here’s proof:

I was able to do quite a bit more of the blackwork border, and I’m glad I stayed with this moss green color – once I did the return trip it stands out quite a bit more.

Fairy Sisters – I was able to finish the edge of the moon.  I was hoping to finish all of this color, but my mom and I went to a movie Friday night, so I didn’t get as much stitching time in.  But this still meets my July goal of “weekly progress”!!  All that’s left of the current color is one of the wings.  I think next week will be all about wings!

Okay!  I’m off to get my hair did – I’m getting highlights for the first time ever.  I’ve always been a box-color girl.  But my friend has talked me into an even more updated look, so I’m going to do it!  Have a great week, and happy stitching, everyone!

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