A 6 Month-ish Catch Up Post

Or maybe 7.  I’ve lost track.

You know what else I lost track of?  Stitching!  When I rearranged my living room last fall, I positioned my chair and lamp in a way that’s totally visually pleasing.  Totally.  Looked amazing (except for the clutter on my table, but we’re not going to talk about that).  However.  The lamp was totally in the wrong spot for stitching.  It was fine when I moved everything, because I was still at home all day and the window was there and I had lovely daylight, and I was mostly knitting and crocheting anyway.  But after Christmas I got a little cross stitch bug and tried to stitch in the evenings after work – and the light was all wrong!  I couldn’t see a darn thing!  And would you believe that it took me over 6 months to figure out that it wasn’t just fatigue from working all day, or stress from my divorce, or an unhealthy obsession with Candy Crush keeping me from stitching – it was that stupid lamp!  So over the weekend I realized it, repositioned the lamp and table, and now it’s lovely for stitching.  It looks weird when you walk in my living room, until you sit in the chair and wish you had a piece of fabric and some floss. Ahhhhhhhhh.

So, because of divorcestress-workfatigue-mindlessFacebookgames-badlighting…ness… I haven’t accomplished a lot in the last several months.  I redid my bedroom, which I totally meant to blog about, and I will, with pictures in a separate post.  I started knitting something with my Vegas souvenier yarn and pulled it all out.  It just wasn’t worthy of the yarn.  I gave up on the Penny-A-Day challenge – I think I got 17 days done.  I keep thinking I’ll find an almanac or something and “catch up on that” – yeah, right.  I’m giving myself permission to release that idea for this year!  I did start on the Celtic sampler on the last piece of wine-dyed fabric, but the colors I’ve chosen just aren’t coming together.  Or maybe it was the lighting?  Haha, I’ll have to pull it out again and see if that makes a difference.  Oh, and I have been trying to put stitches in Fairy Sisters during the FB SAL weekends (mostly on Saturdays and Sundays during the day, which is impossible because I’m busy on weekends), so there will need to be a progress post for that one as well!

Let’s see, what else?  Work is good.  Now that I’ve been here over 6 months and I’m an “official” employee, I’m feeling more and more comfortable with what I do, and the people I work with rely on me more and more.  That’s a good feeling.  I like being part of a team and knowing that my little part I play does in fact make a difference for the company.

Also, the divorce is final.  That doesn’t mean the drama’s done, but whatever.  My kids are dealing with it much better than my ex, which is a blessing.  I took the girls the get new family photos done recently – I can’t wait until she’s done editing and I get them back.  I’ll definitely share some of them here in another post!

So I think that’s 3 more posts I’ve promised you, which I’ll try to get up by the end of the month.  Thanks for hanging with me, welcome to new followers, and I will be back!

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