I Told You It Would Be Celtic!

Welcome, Pinners!  I’m blown away every time I see someone has pinned this design – I’m glad you like it or are inspired by it.  If you stitch it, will you share a picture with me?  I may feature some in a future post.  Thanks! – drea

It’s less of a sampler, I think.  Although it does feature several different kinds of stitches, it’s really an embellished Irish blessing.  And here it is in .jpg – I think you can right-click and “save as”:

I’ve left it at symbols so you can choose your own colors.  But if you want to use the colors in my original design, here’s a little help – (I can’t figure out how to show the symbols with the color numbers):

Blue (upper left corner) – 820
Green (lower left corner) – 701
Red (upper right corner) – 321
Gold (lower right corner) – 167

Hopefully that will help you match up the symbols to the colors I used.  Or you can choose your own!

Edited!  I figured out how to turn it into a pdf AND share it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Click here to access the pdf file, which includes a real symbol and color key!

Specialty stitches – in the center, the red is a Smyrna Cross (large X with a + over it) and the green is a Double Leviathan (you could also do a large eyelet here).  The blue is Crow’s Foot – Montenegrin would be pretty as well.  And the long stitches cover 5 threads.  You should note that the points where the red and green run together is 4 long stitches!  (I’m working my way into Bargello.)  The blue border is blackwork.

Grid is 100×160 – actual design area is 92×154.  If you stitch this, I’d love to see your finished piece.  I hope I’ll have time to stitch it myself soon!


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