My Week In Stitches and Merry Christmas!

I’m enjoying my first paid holiday in over 10 years, and I have to say “enjoy” is exactly the right word!  The girls turned on Christmas music this morning while my mom made cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning, and now they’re rolling out and cutting sugar cookies.  They’re old enough to do this basically unsupervised – they just call me when they’re ready to have the cookies transferred to the baking sheet, since they can’t seem to do that without mis-shaping a rocking horse or Christmas tree.

As far as projects, I’m happy to say that as of about 2:30 this afternoon the aprons are done!  I was getting really nervous about finishing them. I’d planned to work on them during the days when the girls were at school.  Then I got a job.  Fortunately, they spent most of the afternoon out of the house with their father yesterday, so I was able to sew without being asked, “Mama what are you doing with the sewing machine?”

Here are the finish pictures:

This one is mine.  Made mostly according to the instructions found here, with 4 ruffles.  I modified the instructions slightly – instead of making an actual waistband piece, I made the back piece longer and folded it over.

Katie’s – she loves ladybugs.  And this pink has ladybugs with lime-green heads, lol.

And Hallie’s.  Since she’s 10 now I wanted a fabric that looked a little more grown up.  I love this light-blue-bubbly thing.  As I said before, mixing prints like this was a huge stretch for me.  And I couldn’t make myself mix too much the girls’ aprons each use 2 fabrics with a total of 3 ruffles.  I did have to figure out the proportions of the adult apron to size this down to elementary school age.  I think I’ll do a separate post about my modifications – my brain is too tired to do math right now, and I still have to finish knitting a legwarmer!

I hope you all have a blessed and happy Christmas!

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