My Week In Stitches, and 2013 Is Already Looking Like A Great Year

I’m so excited, I have to get the awesome news out of the way.  I’ve been an at-home mom the entire time I’ve been writing this blog.  I’ve worked from home in different capacities, but I’ve been here in my house behind my computer, stitching and writing whenever the mood strikes me.  Since my life turned sideways 3 months ago, I’ve been looking for a full-time job (this is a total necessity) and I’ve been really discouraged by the process.  I was submitting resumes, but not getting any calls for interviews.  Last Tuesday I got my first interview request – and this morning they called back to say I got the job, and they want me to start tomorrow!  I was hopeful that they would hire me, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly!  I had to go into hurry-up mode on the aprons because I won’t have school days to finish them in secrecy anymore!  And do you know how hard it is to make yourself iron and pin hems when all you want to do is talk to your bff about life possibilities and independence?  So excited for what this year will bring!

Okay, on to the WIP updates.  I finished Katie’s legwarmers, but didn’t take a picture.  I discovered that I don’t have enough of the same color to make Hallie’s, so she’s picked a different color.

Fairy Sisters – I filled in some of the blank space at the edge of the moon, and I’ll likely be able to finish the rest of that color in the evenings this week.

Aprons – I got all the pieces cut on Wednesday, then I had an interview on Thursday, then I spent Friday hemming the pieces for one apron.  This afternoon I got almost all the rest of the hems ironed and pinned.  The next step will be gathering stitches and attaching.  You can see I decided to put the blue flowers with the ladybugs, and the pink flowers with the bubbles.  There will be 2 ruffles in the bubbles with the pink flowers in between, the opposite of the ladybug one.  And the floral in the back will be the back piece and the ties.

2 thoughts on “My Week In Stitches, and 2013 Is Already Looking Like A Great Year

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  1. Congrats on your new job!!! I have not read blogs in so long, had no idea that your life had been turned upside down. I'm so very sorry. I remember so well when your DH was applying for jobs so you all could be together. I'm so sorry for whatever happened, but you seem to be handling it extremely well!!! I connected with you on LinkedIn 🙂
    HOpe the new job is awesome!!! I'm starting a new one too on Wednesday. We moved from Al to FL in the spring and this will be my 3rd company to work for since April. Hard to make changes for sure!! Take care.


  2. Robin, I haven't posted a lot about all the problems – I really try to keep this place positive. It's probably a blessing that I wasn't blogging regularly 3 months ago, because the things I was thinking and feeling really shouldn't be published on the internet. Worked through definitely, but in phone conversations and on paper that can be destroyed, lol.


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