My Week In Stitches

A quick update on my WIPs:

Hallie’s sweater is nearly done!  Hooray!  Her birthday is on the 7th.  I was getting worried about finishing it in time, mostly because I wasn’t picking it up and working on it.  I’m on the second sleeve now.  Once this is done I’ll be back to knitting legwarmers.  By the way, sleeves are kind of boring.

Fairy Sisters – I pulled this out quite a bit last week.  I finished the purple crater and started filling in more of the dark blue around the edge of the moon.

I’m starting work on coordinating ruffle aprons for myself and the girls – a gift from Santa this year (yes, I still lie to my children).  They love to help me in the kitchen, and I’ve never had an apron all my own.  So we will have cute ruffly aprons that go together.  Since they’re supposed to be from Santa, I couldn’t use any fabric I already had in the house – they might recognize it.  So, oh darn, I had to hit Jo-Ann’s fabric sale on Saturday. Here are my fabric choices – I have such a hard time mixing prints, you guys.  And I see these aprons on the tutorials with wacky prints that just look so chic, and then I stand in front of that wall of fabric and think, “Where are the solids?”  I’m working on it, really.  My original plan was to make one kid-one with blue ruffles and the other kid-one with pink ruffles, and mine will have all 4.  But when I laid out the fabric to look at it, I decided I liked the pink flowers with the blue/green “bubbles” and the blue flowers with the ladybugs (who’s heads are actually lime green, not yellow).  What do you think of this scheme?  The big flowers will be the waistband/ties and back.

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