Because I Like to Be Organized…

Just a little bit of housekeeping around the blog – getting things tidy before the holidays, you know how it goes!

I added a new page to track my stitching goals, and realized I didn’t make any actual goals for 2012.  I removed the old lists from the sidebar.  I think I’ll only keep the current year’s goals on the front page.

This has made room for (drumroll) a section for most popular posts!  I was shocked to see that my post on the celtic knot granny square had over 1,000 views – and it’s not even my pattern/technique/idea/whatever!  Anyway, I think it’s cool to see what people are finding on my blog, so now you can see that, too!

Speaking of National Crochet Month, I’m already gathering ideas for next March.  I may actually make a blogging calendar for myself.  Or maybe not; that may be too much like telling myself what to do, and I’ll rebel against myself, and it will be ugly.

Finally, I’m reorganizing some of my pinboards on Pinterest.  Yes, I’m that person.  So if you’re following “Stitches” it’s about to get divided – right now it’s a collection of cross stitch, crochet and knit patterns/techniques/ideas/whatever.  And some things are also pinned under “To Do By Hand.”  I’ll have separate boards for cross stitch, sewing, and crochet/knit – that may become 2 boards, too.  I haven’t decided yet.  This is just a heads up if you saw something I pinned that you liked, and you want to look for it again, I think this will actually make it easier.

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