Catch Up Post #2 – Summery Knitting

So, yes, I’m weird and I knit with worsted weight yarn in the summer.  Actually, in the picture that’s sock weight, but it has wool in it.  And you can see beyond the chair my feet are resting on, the backyard swimming pool.  I think on this day I was pretending I was still in Vegas with my girlfriends (that will be the next post).  I spent a number of days in this spot after that vacation, focusing on the yarn and pretending things were normal when they were anything but.

Glad we have that out of the way, now on to pictures!

I think I’ve told you before, I have an obsession with entrelac.  Here comes the Grape Simply Soft again – I was determined to master entrelac so that I didn’t have to keep referring to Planet Purl videos (awesome video tutorials, by the way).  So I ended up making a scarf.  I took this picture to post on Facebook and ask if anyone wanted a purple scarf – my friend (and fellow Vegas tripper) from Seattle had just gotten University of Washington season tickets and very quickly claimed this for herself.  I finished it for her poolside in Vegas (no shipping!) and she was thrilled with it.  I need to get her to send me a picture of her wearing it to a game, because once again I forgot to take a picture of the finish!

So in the picture at the top of this post you saw the sock yarn – and here’s what the sock yarn became: fingerless gloves.  No.  Entrelac fingerless gloves (told you I was obsessed).  The complete pair is featured in my profile picture, too. 🙂  I’d originally planned to make these with souvenir yarn from Vegas, but I decided to practice on the cheap yarn first.  These are very cozy (and they were a lot of work!) so for now they’re the only ones I have.  I originally made them because I remember my hands got very cold when I was working in my “office space” last winter.  But I’m not spending as much time downstairs – that’s the beauty of having a laptop, you can kind of work anywhere.  Today I’m sitting in my stitching chair, with the fireplace DVD going on the TV and the sun streaming in the window.  I’m not cold.  But these are great to wear to the school bus stop on cold days because I can be on my phone unhindered.

You all know legwarmers are a huge trend, right?  My 9 year old likes to give her friends handmade gifts for their birthdays, and usually they’re gifts made with her hands.  But this year she decided she wanted to give her fashionista friend legwarmers that I made.  We went through the Ravelry pattern database, and she picked these.  She picked the colors, too.  They’re pretty simple cable-knit (my first cable project) with i-cord laces to keep them up.  Btw, that’s one thing I remember hating about legwarmers in the 80s, they always slid down my calves, and it was really uncomfortable.  Both girls thought these legwarmers are super-cute, and they’ve requested them as Christmas gifts.  So the Christmas legwarmers are now in progress.

I did also finish my knitting bag before my trip to Vegas, but of course, I didn’t take a good picture of it.  You’ll see it in my Vegas vacay post, though!

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