Our Trip To Idaho City

Last weekend my husband took me to Idaho City for my birthday.  He gave me very confusing information, because he told me I would have to bring my own towels, and other things that led me to believe we were not staying in a hotel.  I didn’t think we’d be camping-camping in the middle of April, but we do know people who own cabins.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover we were staying in the Idaho City Lodge – a beautiful and quaint hotel.  Take a look at the bathroom – the toilet is the old-fastioned kind with a pull-chain!  Note the fluffy towels and complimentary shampoo and soap:

Here’s one view of the upstairs deck.  I spent Sunday afternoon stitching up here, until the breeze got too cool:

This is the view of the peaceful town from the upstairs deck.  So nice!

By the time we got into town Saturday evening, pretty much everything was closed.  So Hubby and I took a walk along a road that said it led to a Pioneer Cemetery.  We discovered it was up a large hill, so we decided to wait and visit the next day.  But it was a pleasant walk with the one I love in nature.

There was still snow on the ground in places all over town – I thought this pile of snow looked cool because it’s melting from the bottom up:

And here you can see Hubby modeling a GIANT pine cone:

I’ll have more pictures in a later post from our hike on Sunday and the Pioneer Cemetery!

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