I Hate Surprises

It’s not really that I hate surprises.  I hate when I know there IS a surprise, but I’m not allowed to know any more than that.

Tomorrow is my birthday (#34 for me!) and hubby is taking me away somewhere for 2 nights.  All I know is I should bring warm jammies, my own shampoo-type stuff (which means no hotel), and I will be permitted to bring stitchy things in case I’m bored. What the???????????

So I’ll take Fairy Sisters with me – since I am still trying to finish a sweater I started and didn’t finish before Easter, I haven’t done any work on it for several days.  I hope to finish page 2.  Maybe I’ll take the biscornu, also.  I can do a lot of stitching in 2 days when I don’t have anything else to do, lol.

Here’s a peek at the sweater as of last Saturday evening – nowhere close to being finished:

It’s Entrelac!  Of course she waited until ^this moment^ to remind me that she already had a sweater that would work – after I’d spent 3 days knitting in front of YouTube videos.  Surprise, mommy!  So I didn’t feel as guilty about putting her sweater aside and whipping one up for the little one.  But I want to finish this one because I’m really enjoying the Entrelac!

I’ve put in another row of white since this picture was taken, then I’ll be able to do the top triangles in yellow and finish the rest of the thing in white.  You know me and modifying patterns – which means there isn’t one. I just started with a basic free pattern so I knew how much to cast on in the beginning.  I’m strongly considering switching to crochet once I’m done with the triangles because I know how to make sleeves and shape everything.  Less time in front of YouTube, more time finishing!  Yay!

2 thoughts on “I Hate Surprises

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  1. Hi

    Just found your blog.

    Hope you have a great time away for your birthday.

    You have some lovely stitching and knitting on your blog.

    Love the entrelac sweater the colours you are using are so pretty together.


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