National Crochet Month – Celtic Knot Squares

Welcome Googlers and Pinners!  It’s surreal (but kind of fun) to scroll through search results and see my attempt at this fun, easy pattern pinned to your boards!  Please note this is not my pattern, and I haven’t reprinted the instructions in any way here (other than my description of where I changed things).  Please visit the Ravelry link in the post  to download the pattern (free!!) from the actual designer. If you want to take a look at this year’s National Crochet Month posts, please click here. Thanks! – drea

Okay, this is not technically a new stitch (more of a technique for a Granny square), but if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I adore Celtic things.

Here’s the link to the pattern – it’s a free Ravelry download.  It looks like you can download it even if you’re not a member (but don’t quote me on that – I could be logged in and not realize it).  Then again, WHY are you not a Ravelry member yet?

Like I said, it’s not “really” a stitch in itself.  It’s several pieces of one-row double crochet, woven together.

Here’s my attempt at this Granny square:

This is what it looked like about 24 hours later – it flattened out a little more (I also took the pic with it turned 45 degrees):

You can see I just did one motif, and didn’t weave in the ends.  To make one motif, you make a center square (although mine came out kind of circular) and 2 oblong pieces that you do NOT fasten off right away.  Then you weave one oblong piece (I started with the light blue) under-over/over-under on the square (I worked horizontally).  I found it easiest to trim my working yarn from the skein, leaving plenty to fasten off.  I slip stitched the ends of the light blue piece together, then turned the work so the light blue piece was vertical and worked the yellow oblong piece horizontally: under-over-under-over/over-under-over-under and slip stitched the ends to fasten off.

I was a little frustrated with the pattern, because it DOES NOT give the instructions to make the gorgeous Celtic-ness pictured at the top.  Then I realized that it was made  by making 4 Granny squares and slip stitching them to each other as you close each piece.

*flight attendant voice* I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at new crochet stitches and techniques for National Crochet Month.  Next month I will return you to your regular WIP project updates and other stitchery. *end flight attendant voice*

6 thoughts on “National Crochet Month – Celtic Knot Squares

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  1. I'll have to sit down and actually do the 4-blocks-in-one square some day. I was nearly out of the light blue, which was why I used it for a test swatch. And 4 together would make a giant square – the one I have is at least 4×4 (Caron Simply Soft and an F hook).


  2. Hello, I recently found this pattern on raverly totally by accident and fell in love. Have done several with the H hook she suggested and its a good size for a hotpad and have done many different color combo's my first was 2 shades of blue and a hot pink it was really a practice piece adn i took it apart after i decided i like the pattern. i then did 2 in shades of green and white for st. paddy's day and now am working on 2 in white squares and 2 shades of red for the ovals but want to make some smaller ones and will use the caron simply soft and smaller hook .thanks for the picts of that. love putting the pieces together to make a bigger piece.


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