My Weeks In Stitches

In the last 2 weeks I’ve accomplished all 3 of my February goals!  Here’s a look:

Fairy Sisters – This is row almost-18 for this month – goal was 10!  I think with stitching tonight I’ll be able to reach 20 rows for February.

15-sided Biscornu – 2 more squares done.  I also outlined the remainder of the squares and started the next motif.  New goal – to finish-finish this by my birthday, April 14.

New start – a knitting bag.  This started as practicing with circular needles before I start making a sweater for myself.  Then I practiced changing thread colors.  And before I knew it, it grew into a striped pattern that I’ve decided with be a bag.  However, I decided it was a bag AFTER I started, so I’ll have to go back and figure out how to close it from the first row.  The next picture will show why…

Notice that it’s the same basketweave pattern as K’s scarf, except that I decided to put in gussets on the side – it’s 60 stitches in pattern, 1p, 18k, 1 p, 60 stitches in pattern, 1 p, 18k 1 p (160 total stitches).  No matter where I am in the pattern, the first and last stitches of the gussets are p, which is making nice definition.  I made this decision all by myself, and it’s working! Yay me!

But because I didn’t start the gussets in the first row, I feel like that has to be the bottom of the bag, which is why I’ll have to go back and close it up.  Does anyone have any advice on an “afterthought” decrease in the round?  I’m tempted to switch to crochet so I don’t have to feed my needle through so many stitches at once!

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