My Week In Stitches

So now the problem isn’t the stitching, it’s remembering to take pictures and then POST! LOL

This past week my little one came down with what we thought was a mild cold – it’s turned into a “nasty ear infection” (quote from the medical professional she saw yesterday).  So she has antibiotics, and we’re still giving her pain reliever and decongestant as she needs it.  I hate it when she’s sick, but I love that I’m the one she wants to cuddle with. 🙂

On to stitching:

Fairy Sisters – I only accomplished 2 more rows this week, which brings me to 8 for the month (again, these rows right now are the width of the page – somewhere in the 65 st. region).  And I only have 2 rows left to meet my goal for the month. (And apparently I have to clean my camera, sorry for the weird spot.)

15-sided Biscornu – I can’t remember now why I put these “opposites” not-next-to-each-other.  I must have had a reason.  Maybe I felt I was being too predictable…Anyway, this motif is done.  As a reward, I back-stitched another empty square so I could start the next one right away.

Where’s the purple scarf?  Well, it’s no longer a WIP, and thus deserves it’s very own FINISH post!  Watch for that one coming up!

3 thoughts on “My Week In Stitches

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  1. Your stitching is coming along beautifully! I sure hope your little one is feeling better with each passing day. I used to get many ear infections myself when I was little. They are no fun 😦
    Thinking of you!


  2. Thank you, ladies. She was able to go back to school yesterday – of course she has a long weekend, so she managed to make it to 4 days of school the last 2 weeks. Oh well, it's just first grade, right? LOL


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