Cooking Ahead

When things got crazy-busy a few months ago, I discovered I was having trouble getting dinner on the table at a reasonable time.  Or, we were having the same easy-to-make things over and over again! So my hubby decided to try to make things a little easier by taking over the meal planning.  A friend told us about a computer program that makes it easy to plan a month’s worth of meals in advance – and they’re freezer-friendly.  It’s called 30 Meals in One Day.  We’ve never come close to accomplishing 30 meals.  To be honest, in the 3 months we’ve been doing this, I think our record is 8 meals in one day!  For us, it translates into about a week of intensive cooking and cleaning, and 3 weeks off.

So what is great about this is my husband is doing most of the dinner cooking – I just have to remember to pull something out of the freezer the night before to re-heat!  And yes, that can be a challenge for me, so I’ve gotten very good at chopping frozen things up and reheating in a saucepan.

It’s a little bit frightening to trust that the meals you’re making over the course of one week will last an entire month.  But it always does, and we have cut our grocery bill in half by cooking this way.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, because looking for yummy freezer-friendly food is a new obsession of mine.  (Yes, Pinterest is good for this, too!)  I will occasionally share some of my new favs, because we all get tired of having the same thing every night!

Besides lasagna, what’s one thing you’ve tried (successfully or not) to make ahead, freeze and reheat?

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  1. Women's Day used to have a feature on investment cooking. I did their ground beef one before the dude and I took our screening exam. We enjoyed the albondigas soup and picadillo and were less fond of the salisbury steak. There were at least three sets including a chicken one and a pork one.


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