Redecorating with a purpose!

So in August we did some redecorating in our living room (again) and downstairs.  The last time I redid the living room was for Christmas, 2010, and I put my desk in the corner of the room near the sliding glass door.  This was great when my work was occasional and the kids were at school.  But as my business picked up during the summer, I discovered how difficult it was to concentrate with the work space in the main part of the house.  Also, we got a piano, and there just wasn’t enough room for all that big furniture in that part of the room!
This is in progress, the filing cabinet was pulled out of the corner first.  You can kind of see the top of the piano behind the filing cabinet.

Unfortunately, moving the desk means losing my “finishing” space.  This was a lot of cleaning up, most of the things in this space had been in place for about 2 years, when we moved in!

Worth it! This is the first day of school pic.  We still need to get the piano tuned and have the key cover put back on – because free is never really free!  But I love having my 1910 Warner – I’m excited to get the girls piano lessons!

Here’s how my workspace looks now – I’ve upgraded to a laptop, so you can see the “void” where it lives normally. On sunny days the light in this space is so great, I hardly ever use my desk lamp!
And because we don’t have a fireplace in the living room, we used the piano for the stockings.  Love the way this looks!  Will love it even more when the cover is on the keys!

2 thoughts on “Redecorating with a purpose!

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  1. Hi Andrea – your little girls are just gorgeous and I hope they'll love their piano lessons. Our household is a music loving one. My DS played 'cello to the end of high school and was in their chamber orchestra, Both DS and DD play guitar, so they often have a bash at home and I love singing along. Happy stitching! Pokua


  2. Thanks so much! We're a music-loving house, too. I played the flute in middle school, and have been singing since high school. I always wanted a piano just so I could bang on it whenever I want – even though it's out of tune still, I let the girls just have fun with it. That's a huge step for perfectionist/noise-sensitive me!


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