Finish Photos – 1 of 3

Today’s finish – my elder daughter’s Easter dress.  Seriously, it took me this long to get photos because it’s been super-cold in the Boise area – we finally had a nice warm Sunday, so she wore it to church.  When we got home, I dragged her outside for a photo shoot next to the plum tree in our jungle…I mean, backyard.  We’re working on that, I promise.
She chose this butterfly fabric – there’s a little bit of sparkle to it.  The “sash” is a left over piece of crepe-back satin, I think – we decided to use it for the center section to break up the pattern. 

 A close-up of the crocheted cap sleeves and the neckline.  Can I just say that I was immensely proud to see Princess Kate’s dress 5 days after Easter in the USA – I was sooo on trend.  Go ahead, compare and see for yourself!
 She thinks I’m crazy.  It’s okay, she’s 8.  She’s supposed to think I’m crazy!
And one shot of the whole thing without her hands in the way – she still thinks I’m crazy, but she was starting to get into the photo shoot idea by now.  This dress was “patternless” – I made a circle skirt then cut rectangular pieces that worked for her chest and waist measurements – another reason that I used a different fabric in the center.

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