Can You Help Me With One More Thing?

Business-related, that is.  After some overwhelming feedback on my Facebook fanpage, I’ve decided on a logo style.  Now I’m asking you, my creative friends, for some feedback on the color scheme.  I have a favorite, but if you look around my blog a little bit you’ll see WHY that’s my favorite.  I don’t want to box my business into the same color scheme as my personal blog – I want to have room to express myself in different ways.  So please take a look at the 3 samples below and let me know what you think.  I want to be able to appeal to both male and female business owners.

2 thoughts on “Can You Help Me With One More Thing?

Add yours

  1. I like the first one and the second one. I think I like the second one better though, and that's saying a lot as I hate brown, lol. I like the way it's shaded though, with darker color in the corner and getting lighter as it moves out. I hope you can make a decision about it!!


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