My Weeks In Stitches

A very happy and blessed Good Friday to you all!  It’s a very good Friday for me, because I am almost through with Easter dresses!  Yay!  No midnight sewing for me on Saturday night!

I have not done an update in forEVer, I know.  I have been very busy figuring and sewing and crocheting.  Not a lot of x’s being crossed right now, I’m excited to get back to that tonight and tomorrow.

So here’s a sneak peek at oldest’s dress – I cut the top pieces yesterday and sewed them together, but did not get them fitted on her after school.  So I will attack her when she walks through the door and finish this baby!  The crocheted piece is going to be a strap-sleeve (there’s one for the other side, too) – it will fall gracefully over her shoulder.  She’s 8 now, so she needs a little bit of a different look from her sister.  The skirt is the same butterfly fabric – it’s a circle skirt, so I’ll attach it after I figure out where I’m putting the closures and hem the edges of the bodice.  It’s all about “easing” with these dresses. 🙂

The “granny squares” are modified from a pattern I found on line, I’ll look it up and add it.  The original was an eight-petal flower – I modified it by slip-stitching to skip a ch-3 loop, which made it “pop” in the center.  So there’s a diamond of “pop” between each petal, it’s kinda cool and textural – but really hard to see.  15 squares on each strap – my fingers are tired!

And here’s a look (okay, more than one look) at my dress!  I’m super-thrilled that I made myself do this between the girls’ dresses, otherwise it would not have been finished.  Some of you may recognize this print as the knit I got on clearance last year?  I was in agony over cutting this, sooooo scared I was making a mistake.  After some Facebook reassurances, I did it, and I’m happy with it.  Yes, it’s a horizontal print.  No, I didn’t look that closely when I bought it.  But it also has a vertical ripple in the pattern.  And I think the brown lines break it up enough that it doesn’t look THAT horizontal.  I’m also cracking up at the exact match of the brown knit to my curtains.

 Whole dress from the front (taken at night, sorry about the weird overhead light glare) – kimono sleeves, and a snap-closure at the waist and bust.  The front of the bodice and the skirt are lined with the same brown knit.
Close-up of the hem (in daylight, so you can see the colors better) – I’m really proud of this. Because I did a circle skirt, this was a loooooooong hem.  I didn’t want to hem the lining and the skirt separately and have it look weird, and since the skirt is attached to the band…I decided to sew the lining to the skirt first, then flip it and make the waist work.  It’s so fun and swishy!  It has a really nice weight to it, too.
And here is the finished Spooky SAL biscornu I made ages ago.  I figured as long as I was taking pictures, I’d add these in – front and back of my candy-lovers biscornu:

And one more photo of my sweet Annie who followed me around this morning while I took pictures.  She was kind of over all the running up and down stairs.

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