Tutorial Thursday

Hey, it kind of works.  Today’s Ship variation – the Tulip!

Obviously, it gets it’s name because it looks like a tulip. 🙂  You could easily incorporate this shape into cross-stitch pieces to add a little different texture.  I love to do that.
This is really just 2 ships stuck together.  If you need a refresher in creating the left-flat Ship, click on the highlighted “Ship” above.
After stitching the left-flat ship, run your needle under the stitches, and come up 2 fabric threads to the right of the top of your first stitch (remember that these Star-based satin stitches create an open box in the middle).  You will increase each row to the left (toward the already-stitched ship) so your parallel stitches are on the right.
Then you’ll decrease on the right, making your left side parallel – this is how we get that nice squared void in the finished picture.  (You may also notice that I painted my nails for you all.)
Work your 5 parallel over-2 stitches to elongate the arm UP, then begin your curve.  The curve goes away from the square-void, toward the center of what would be the star.  Remember to bring your needle up 2 threads to the right and 2 threads above the edge of your previous stitch.
Then fill in your space and complete your curve, and you’re done!
Next week – Hearts!  And a very cool Heart Cross, and another look at the Tutorial Sampler!

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