Moving Quaker-ly forward

I started the final large diamond motif (lower left) on the Quaker Diamonds piece this afternoon.  Sort of.  Because it covers parts of 4 pages, I actually started it over a week ago.  But now I’m doing the diamond-y part.  I also only have 4 and-a-half letters left.  I am very hopeful to be able to finish this week and send it back to GhostStitchers, so they can send it back to it’s owner.  And then I can go back to personal stuff.  I have beads screaming at me from downstairs (anyone remember the bracelet I started? Yeah, it’s not a bracelet anymore), and a scarf I started while we were at the hospital last weekend.

Oh, yes, the hospital.  Saturday afternoon, my younger daughter woke up in a very-unlike-herself fashion – she’s normally full of energy, bouncing all over the house.  She walked out of her room looking like she was in tears.  She had a low-grade fever, and said her tummy hurt, and was really acting out of sorts.  We gave her something for the temp, and told her to rest.  Then she said that the pain had moved from her belly button down and to the right.  *heavy sigh*  I was at a women’s retreat planning meeting, so dear hubby took little one to the hospital, afraid she had appendicitis, calling me in a panic to leave the meeting and meet them in the ER.  Fortunately, we live very close to the hospital, so we were able to take turns running home as needed for, say, the shoes that DH forgot to put on the child when he took her out of the house.  Or the laptop and assorted cartoon movies.  Or my stitching.  I took Quaker Diamonds, and got some x’s on that, but I also grabbed a ball of yarn because I figured it would be easier to crochet if the lights were dim than cross stitch (yes, easier, kinda doable, but not recommended).

ELEVEN HOURS, a blood draw, an ultrasound and a CT scan later, little one did not have appendicitis.  The lymph nodes in her lower abdomen were inflamed in response to a SOMETHING her body was fighting off – the next day we discovered it was a plain old respiratory flu.  What’s even better, is that this is just the way her body fights infections and viruses, and she’ll probably have this kind of problem for the rest of her life.  Super-cool.  And in case you’re wondering, no, we didn’t know that there are lymph nodes in the abdomen either.  She is now completely fine, a little bit of a cough, but back to normal.

I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I hope to have great, FINISH news on Saturday!

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