My 2 Weeks in Stitches

Whew, what a whirlwind!  As of last Saturday, I really hadn’t made a ton of stitching progress.  I’d started a new sock, then ripped it out and re-started.  Then I suddenly had a burst of stitching energy on Sunday, and, as you’ll see from my sidebar, I crossed 3 items off my January goal list this week alone!!!  I didn’t get a picture of Fairy Sisters after I passed the row 60 mark – oops.  It looks the same as it did 2 weeks ago, just a little bit farther down.

3 squares for my 15-sided biscornu – you can see, I’m playing with the positive/negative idea.  It looks really good so far.

My striped socks – I bought this yarn on sale at JoAnn a few months ago, and had to wait until I’d finished some obligatory crochet before I worked on them.  Yarn – Premier Yarns, Deborah Norville collection Sock Weight in Teal Tease.  It took about 1.5 balls to make a pair.  It’s almost all half-double crochet, with a single crochet short-row heel.  I found the directions on a forum, and promptly lost the address, but it was one of those “figure it out as you go” kind of patterns.

So other craziness from the last 2 weeks – my elder daughter was baptized on Sunday at age 8.  We’re so proud of her for making this choice.  I also have had a little minor health scare – well, not really a scare, more of a worry.  I think it’s resolved itself, but I go to the doctor on Thursday anyway, just to be sure.

I was also contacted by GhostStitchers again this week, asking if I was ready for another project.  With 3 goals crossed off my January list, I felt really good about saying yes.  So I will be working on finishing someone else’s UFO, Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor.  I’ve been wanting to do a Quaker sampler for a long time, and as I told hubby, this way I get the fun of stitching it without the worry of what to do when it’s finished!  There will not be photo updates of this, as it belongs to someone else.

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