Heavy Sigh

Sunday is my downfall.  Which is why I was going to do Wordless Weekend.  But I didn’t have a pic in mind.  I had all kinds of time yesterday afternoon, too.  DH and the girls went on a swimming party, and I had 3.5 hours of peace and quiet.  Plenty of time to catch up on the DVR and crochet some sleeves.

I’ve finally decided on a yarn for DH’s socks – he wants black and silver, he’s getting black and gray.  I finally convinced him that it is in fact difficult to find solid/metallic worsted yarn that is an 80/20 acrylic/wool blend – in enough quantity to make 2 pair of slipper socks, for less than $50.  So Lion Brand Wool-Ease in 2 different colors it is.  I’ll also be making him a pair in blue and orange (Boise State colors).  So I need to finish up my sweater so I can get onto the rest of the socks.

It’s the start of a busy week…which is really the start of a busy season.  Tomorrow I will spend the day with a friend from church, baking items for our bake sale on Sunday.  Then it’s Thanksgiving (I’m not cooking this year!!!!!!!), then decorating, and deciding on birthday party plans, and at some point DH’s cousin is coming to visit.  I’m getting excited for the holiday season this year.  I haven’t been excited about it for a couple of years.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Remember, the drawing for the CSN gift card is this Friday!!

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