Wednesday is Family Day

This pic is for Cole – finished socks!  They go in family day because DH has decided he wants me to make 2 pairs for him and a pair for our neighbor.  Of course, he wants specific colors, and I’m having a hard time finding those yarns online.  Finishing these socks was the perfect way to end my Monday – you can see the empty bookshelves beyond my feet.  We spent the afternoon and evening rearranging the living room, and my feet were so tired!  All I could think about was sitting down and working on those socks!

Here are some more pictures of our rearranging (ignore the scarf and mitten mess, please…and the vacuum, and the blue painter’s tape, and the lack of crown molding *sigh*).  We have an odd shape to our living room – it’s long, with a 3-pane sliding glass door in the middle of one wall, and an opening to the dining room/kitchen on the other wall.  We used to have the TV where the white cabinet is, and my chaise where the brown cabinet is, and the couch angled out between the 2 halves of the room.  I had to walk around the end of the couch to get anywhere!

It’s much cozier for sitting and watching TV, and I can look out the window from my desk and watch the squirrels run on the neighbor’s fence.  An unexpected side benefit – there is no longer room for the girls to dance in the middle of the room.  All joy-filled dancing must take place in the open space behind the seating area – out of view of the TV.
Welcome to my new followers!  I hope you’re enjoying what you find!

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